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Male Power Taurus Chastity Thong - Taurus

Male Power Taurus Chastity Thong
Male Power Taurus Chastity ThongMale Power Taurus Chastity Thong
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Male PowerMale Power
Male PowerMale Power
Male Power Taurus Chastity Thong Male Power Taurus Chastity Thong
Male Power Taurus Chastity Thong
Color: Taurus
Product#: 19105
Manufacturer#: 542-266
Material: 100% PU Leather
(Thong and Harness sold separately!)

Male Power is back with a devilishly fun collection of entry-level fetish gear that won't break the bank. The Fetish Collection consists of a gladiator kilt with a surprise, two jock/thong chastity devices, a couple of harnesses and a new take on their best-selling Moonshine jockstrap.

Ensure your partner doesn't get off without you, gear him up in this caged chastity thong and he'll be ready and waiting when you get home.

The ultimate tease: The front consists of a 3D mesh codpiece cage made with straps with studs securing them. While your partner (and anyone else) will be able to clearly see what lies beneath the cage, he won't be able to touch it or play with it.

The codpiece is attached to a thong framework. You can lock the device up with a padlock either from the front at the waistband or from the back at the adjustable thong strap. You can also pick up a second padlock from the hardware store to doubly secure it at the back.

Sizing: The size can be fully adjusted with the positioning of the waistband and lock as well as with the buckle on the back thong strap.

Scorpio is made with soft Nubuck split leather with polyurethane coating for strength, durability and comfort. While not as high-end as true leather, it's less expensive, durable and unlike leather can we cleaned and wiped off simply with a wet cloth.

In our photos, we've teamed up this thong with the Male Power Gemini Harness (sold separately). You can also wear it with the Male Power Aries Harness.
Other Colors Available:
Eros, Taurus

$38.95 USD
Choose Size:
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