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PUMP! Creamsicle Access Trunk (open back) - Orange and White

PUMP! Creamsicle Access Trunk (open back)
PUMP! Creamsicle Access Trunk (open back)PUMP! Creamsicle Access Trunk (open back)
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PUMP! Creamsicle Access Trunk (open back) PUMP! Creamsicle Access Trunk (open back)
PUMP! Creamsicle Access Trunk (open back)
Color: Orange and White
Product#: 09068
Manufacturer#: 15038
Material: 84% Nylon 16% Spandex
The Access Trunk is PUMP!'s first venture into overtly sexual underwear and here at Jockstrap Central, we're ecstatic about it as that's what Jockstrap Central is all about. From the front, it's a stunning looking trunk boxer made with quality fabrics and stylish detailing that you expect from PUMP! But where it really gets interesting is the back where the ass is completely missing, hence the name Access. It really is a hybrid between the everyday reliability of a boxer brief trunk with the backless freedom of the jockstrap showing off your best assets. Here's more details:

In the front, a centered contoured pouch in orange with two side panels also in orange, made with an awesome breathable micro-mesh fabric with just the right amount of stretch. Contrasting piping in white edge the pouch adding support and drawing the eye to your bulging bulge. The side panels wrap around to the back and narrow as they run under your ass cheeks. A contrasting upper panel in a gorgeous ribbed fabric in white sits above the ass and together form the rear opening.

Finally, a one and a half inch wide plushed comfort waistband in orange finish it all off. It not only has multiple contrasting horizontal racing stripes in white put a large front centered PUMP! logo and smaller PUMP! logo in the rear also in white.

If you're looking for the perfect trunk that marries style and sophistication with a huge dose of sexiness, then this is it.

$35.00 USD
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