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Cellblock 13 Gridiron Jockstraps, Short Jocks, Harnesses and Armbands
2018-06-06 : Cellblock 13 Gridiron Jockstraps, Short Jocks, Harnesses and Armbands
Gear up then it's game on with Gridiron - the all new football inspired sports fetish gear from Cellblock 13 consisting of a jockstrap, short jock, harness and armband. Your next scrimmage is going to be hawt! Made with a snake skin like diamond textured black rubber and second skin nylon-spandex and featuring our new model Matthew.
Male Power Strapped and Bound
2018-05-31 : Male Power Strapped and Bound
You'll be strapped to run out of possibilities and bound to have fun with Male Power Strapped and Bound gear consisting of a jockstrap, an exposing short and ridiculously hot thong all made with a semi-sheer foil print fabric texturized with raised braille with faux-leather straps and trim. Choose Male Power for sexy erotic wear that won't break the bank!
Cellblock 13 Cyber X-treme Jocks, Shorts and Harnesses
2018-05-16 : Cellblock 13 Cyber X-treme Jocks, Shorts and Harnesses
Cyber X-treme is here and it's the pinnacle of future fetish wear. It's an evolved version of Cellblock 13's best selling X-treme Hybrid Gear (now discontinued). Cyber is available in a Neoprene Harness, a Jockstrap and Fetish Short all made with a slick textured black rubber, a military meets Tron honeycomb camo with contrasting highlights in either red or blue.
Nasty Pig Xposed Jockstraps and Briefs
2018-05-10 : Nasty Pig Xposed Jockstraps and Briefs
Double Xposure and double the fun - whether it's the bulge-clinging modal combined with a sexy athletic mesh or the pig logo front and center announcing your true intentions, Nasty Pig Xposed Jockstraps and Briefs live up to their namesakes. In fact, Nasty Pig is calling their latest jocks and briefs their best designs yet and considering their track record, that's a pretty big boast - and we think they may be right!
PPU Slim Jockstraps
2018-05-01 : PPU Slim Jockstraps
Our latest jockstrap from PPU is a welcome fashion forward jockstrap with a slim, sleek and streamlined pouch made of cotton with a hint of spandex. And as expected with PPU jocks, the Slim Jock is super affordable. With a narrow pouch made of a super-soft brushed cotton. Check them out!
Nasty Pig Takedown Jockstrap
2018-04-03 : Nasty Pig Takedown Jockstrap
They're back! Originally launched in 2010 and discontinued in 2014 and sharing top billing as one of our favorite Nasty Pig jocks ever. It's the Nasty Pig Takedown Jock in the original black and white but now in red and white or blue and white. An iconic Nasty Pig jock that embraces the whole sports fetish movement.
Nasty Pig Mission Jockstrap
2018-04-02 : Nasty Pig Mission Jockstrap
The latest fetish jock from Nasty Pig channels Folsom Street taking the classic NP chevron design and brings it forward. It may be made with vegan leather but there's plenty of room for real meat inside the pouch. One of the hottest jocks from the perverted minds of Nasty Pig in a long while.
Nasty Pig Ever Nasty Rugby Shorts
2018-04-01 : Nasty Pig Ever Nasty Rugby Shorts
For Nasty Pig's Spring 2018 collection they used their own history of subverting culture and brought back one of their most iconic graphics placing it on these hot new shorts. The awesome, full-featured Ever Nasty Rugby Short showcases the Evernasty graphic on the front that debuted briefly in 2002 and now resurfaces in 2018 making it a collectors item! A comfy unlined shorts with pockets is perfect for the gym or simply lounging around the house.
Cellblock 13 Liquid Shadow Socks
2018-03-19 : Cellblock 13 Liquid Shadow Socks
A modern take on sports fetish socks with vertical sports striping running down the leg and horizontal striping band at the top. With CB on one sock at the back and 13 on the other and full CELLBLOCK 13 at the bottom of each foot. With the perfect length that's not too long but long enough to show well with your favorite pair of high tops or combat boots. Match them up with your favorite CB13 gear for the total look.
McKillop Ignite Sheer Shorts
2018-03-14 : McKillop Ignite Sheer Shorts
Our all new McKillop Ignite Shorts give new meaning to "hanging out". Not only are they the ultimate lounge shorts made with a mesh so fine you'll feel like you're wearing nothing (and you practically are) but the mesh is totally transparent so they're as sexy as they're comfortable. Why can't you have it all?
Nasty Pig XXX Jockstraps Briefs and Socks
2018-03-07 : Nasty Pig XXX Jockstraps Briefs and Socks
When you're geared up in Nasty Pig's latest jock you'll not only be advertising your true nature (Nasty Pig) but the rating you deserve (XXX) - both displayed prominently on the waistband for all to see. Jockstrap and Brief are both a nod to their roots utilizing their signature ribbed cotton for the pouch - it's a fabric we can never get enough of. Made mostly of cotton with a hint of spandex for exceptional fit. Don't forget the matching socks for the full outfit!
Nasty Pig Mandate Jockstraps Briefs and Socks
2018-03-06 : Nasty Pig Mandate Jockstraps Briefs and Socks
Wow! Nasty Pig's classic chevron design returns in the all new Mandate Jocks, but this is the best one yet - made with a soft and breathable modal with just enough spandex to keep everything in place. But beyond the fabric, it's the color combinations that has us hooked: With two-tone colors in variations of black, royal-blue,light-blue and white all with NASTY PIG front and center on the waistband. Be the first to gear up in Nasty Pig's latest!
Cellblock 13 Rogue Jocks, Harnesses and Wrist Wallets
2018-02-22 : Cellblock 13 Rogue Jocks, Harnesses and Wrist Wallets
Harness your inner deviant with Cellblock 13's latest and first full collection of 2018, Rogue. It's a sports fetish collection of gear featuring an iconic CB13 jockstrap, a very versatile harness and a handy wrist cuff with secret pocket... and it's all made with rubber! This collection not only comes in your traditional fetish color (red, blue, white and yellow) but also orange!
McKillop Max Bulge Jockstraps
2018-02-15 : McKillop Max Bulge Jockstraps
Sure, it's all about the bulge - but with McKillop it's taking bulging to the extreme. With a secret weapon, well, two to be exact to ensure you're bulging sky high! Between a super contoured and specially designed pouch and an included double-wide elasticated fabric cock ring you're going to be noticed... big time.
PPU Jockstraps are Back!
2018-02-07 : PPU Jockstraps are Back!
They're back! One of our best selling jocks ever is not only back in the original two colors (orange and black) but we've now got them in two new colors. PPU has brilliantly created one of the most unique and stylish jockstraps but next to the style the best feature is the price - they're only $14 each!
Cellblock 13 Smuggler Jock Packs
2018-01-24 : Cellblock 13 Smuggler Jock Packs
Cellblock 13 gets the award for most innovative sports fetish wear, especially with the all new Smuggler Jock-Pack. It's a first of it's kind hybrid of a jockstrap and fanny pack all integrated in one design and the best part the pouch and side pack are both made with neoprene (rubber)! A unique invention to make you look sexier and your life easier during gear & fetish events when you traditionally would have no place for your stuff. Check them out!
Raw Studio Flaunt-it Part II is here
2018-01-15 : Raw Studio Flaunt-it Part II is here
What does Raw Studio do after the huge success of their last over the top collection? They expand on it. Introducing, Raw Studio Flaunt It - The Sequel. Expanding on their full-frontal bulge boosting designs with the addition of the Force-2 and Cock Sling. Consider yourself warned, our photos are not safe for work!
Full Kit Gear Service Shorts now in Orange!
2017-12-15 : Full Kit Gear Service Shorts now in Orange!
Great news, our best selling fetish shorts from Full Kit Gear are now available in black and orange. Although officially called Service Shorts, we call them Full Service Shorts for the fully functional front and back zippers - top or bottom, when you're called into service you'll be ready.
Full Kit Gear New Jockstraps in Orange and Green
2017-12-14 : Full Kit Gear New Jockstraps in Orange and Green
We've not only brought in a new sports jockstrap from Full Kit Gear called the Sport Classic Jockstrap but we've just added new color variations to the existing Premium Comfort Sport Jockstrap line. Both jocks now come in orange (my personal favorite) and a sexy new military-green.
Expose Yourself: Cellblock 13 Octane Jock Trunks and Fetish Shorts
2017-11-30 : Expose Yourself: Cellblock 13 Octane Jock Trunks and Fetish Shorts
Fuel the dirty boy in you with Cellblock 13's latest Octane collection which includes a jock trunk and fetish short with multiple exposing possibilities both front and back. Made with a slick and luxuriously smooth skin-tight Polyurethane+Nylon/Spandex fabric with lots of stretch. The base color is black with accents in your favorite fetish colors: blue, grey, red or yellow. Some of the hottest shorts we've ever seen so it only made sense to bring in our hot exhibitionist models Matthew Eldracher and Zack Acland. Just be warned, much of the photos are NSFW!
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