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Jockstrap Central was started in 2005 by partners Adrian Dobson and John Taite. We are not only business partners, but life partners back at the start and now husbands. After being together since 2004, we finally got married on July 27th, 2012.
When we first met, we quickly discovered that we both had an interest in underwear. Adrian had always wanted to open up a brick and mortar underwear retail store and John was a web designer/programmer who developed a fascination (obsession?) with underwear and also wanted to start an underwear store, but being a geek with a background in Internet commerce, he knew online was the way to go.
It was only a natural progression for us to put our heads together and create Jockstrap Central.
There's no denying it - Jockstraps are amazing. For sports and every day wear, they provide excellent support and lift. They are incredibly stylish, look great underneath jeans and can liven up anyone's sex life. In fact, many fetish scenes revolve around jockstraps!
Beyond the jocks: Along with our hand picked and ever growing selection of jockstraps we are branching out into sportswear and fetish wear that we love and feel compliment our jockstrap offerings. We are constantly scouring the globe to bring you unique, quality goods that are either hard to find elsewhere or often exclusive to Jockstrap Central. We pride ourselves in only bringing in quality goods that we are proud to put the Jockstrap Central name behind.
Granted, there are lots of underwear stores and even other places to get jockstraps, but there's only so much you can copy and mimic. We're more than just a typical store using manufacturer supplied photos on headless models. We realize that being an online store, beyond our detailed descriptions, it's our extensive, high quality, high-resolution photography that instills confidence in your purchases. We provide photos from all angles, close-ups of fabrics and demonstrations of features and it's all uncensored so you know EXACTLY what you're getting. And speaking of photography, we have a confession: Although technically it's catalog photography we produce, we love the physique photography of yesteryear and also the male form so you may find we indulge a little (ok, a lot) and produce many artistic and certainly sexually charged photos that may not necessarily show off the jocks but hopefully enhance your shopping experience.
We started small with a just a few designers and have grown to include countless brands (and growing every week) to cover everything from traditional sports jockstrap and athletic supporters to fashion jockstraps and outrageous erotic and see-through jockstrap. We have tried to include the widest variety of fabrics, styles and designs, from utilitarian through to the outright sexy from designer like Bike, Activeman, Flarico, Jack Adams, Nasty Pig, CellBlock 13, Wolf, Omtex and many more. We are constantly expanding our sports fetish gear to include shorts, socks, shirts and wrestling singlets.
For the first 12 years we only sold other designer's wares but in January of 2017 we finally launched our own line of Jockstraps under our JC Athletic brand called simply JC Athletic Classic Jockstraps as we based them on the classic sports jockstraps we loved like Bike and Flarico (both now gone out of business) but making many improvements.
Finally, we love hearing from our customers and fans, please feel free to contact us with your suggestions or opinions. Enjoy the website.
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