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Jockstrap Central opened it's virtual doors in 2005. It was started by partners Adrian Dobson and Me (John Taite) and is a passion of love. We are not only business partners, but husbands . We met in 2004, shacked up in 2005 and got married on July 27th, 2012. .
How Did Jockstrap Central Come About?

When we first met, we quickly discovered that we both had an interest in underwear (ok, fetish!) Adrian had always wanted to open up a brick and mortar underwear retail store while I, having an obsession for underwear, being a web designer/programmer and experience in Internet commerce and marketing, knew online was the way to go. So we put our heads together and Jockstrap Central was the result.

Why Jockstraps?

There's no denying it - jockstraps are amazing. They are not only practical and comfortable but they're sexy as hell. For sports and every day wear, they provide excellent support and keep everything in place. Beyond their functionality, they're incredibly stylish, look great underneath jeans and can liven up anyone's sex life by drawing all eyes to the bulge up front while perfectly framing one's ass in back. Then there's what the classic sport jockstrap stands for - a coming of age while wearing your first jockstrap in high school and the hyper-masculinity associated with the image of a jockstrapped sportsmen.

Branching Out

After starting out with a hand picked and constantly growing collection of jockstraps we soon branched out into other underwear styles, sports wear, erotic wear and fetish wear we love. We are constantly scouring the globe to bring you unique, quality and often sexy gear we're proud to put the Jockstrap Central name behind.

The Jockstrap Central Vision

Sure there are lots of underwear stores out there but we're more than just your typical store using manufacturer supplied photos on headless models. From day one, we began producing our own catalog photography not only because we felt we could do it better but we wanted to take a more sexy, erotic and artistic approach to our photography. After all, jockstraps and underwear are sexy and not just functional. Along with our detailed descriptions, we provide detailed high-resolution photos so you know EXACTLY what you're getting. All to instill confidence when purchasing our jocks and gear.

Uncensored: Our target was always adult males plus it always drove us crazy when stores censored catalog photos by blurring or covering up jocks and gear that were mesh and see-through up front and often avoided rear shots. So from day one, we have been uncensored. If a jock is made of mesh you will see a guys bits, if it's a sexy display suit we show frontal nudity and guaranteed there will be LOTS and LOTS of bums.

A Confession: Although technically we produce catalog photography, however, we love the male form and physique photography of yesteryear so you may find we indulge a little (ok, a lot) so some of our photography is more artistic and sexually charged and may not necessarily show off the jocks and gear but hopefully enhance your shopping experience.

Our Models: We try to be as diverse as possible with our model selection. They come from all walks of life, a few are career models, a number of them fitness instructors but many of them just regular guys who have an exhibitionist streak and love to show off. By the way, if you're in or around the Toronto area and want to model for us, earn some cash and go home with some of the jocks and gear you modeled, then head to our model information page for more info.

Where Do We Go From Here?

We started small with a just jockstraps from a few designers and manufacturers and have grown to include countless brands to cover everything from traditional sports jockstrap and athletic supporters to fashion jockstraps and outrageous erotic and see-through jockstraps and underwear. We have tried to include the widest variety of fabrics, styles and designs, from utilitarian styles through to sexy and outright outrageous ones from designers like Bike, Activeman, Flarico, Jack Adams, Nasty Pig, CellBlock 13, Raw Studio, Addicted Fetish, GBGB, Papi, King Dick, GX3, Wolf, Omtex and many more. We are constantly expanding our sports fetish gear to include shorts, socks, shirts, wrestling singlets, fetish wear, club wear, harnesses and even cockrings.

A brand is born. Always a part of plan and finally a reality: in January of 2017 we launched our own line of Jockstraps under our JC Athletic. After the granddaddies of jockstrap manufacturers stopped producing jocks in 2016 we knew we had to step in and produce our own. The JC Athletic Classic Sports Jockstraps is our answer and based on the countless testimonials and feedback from our customers we did good. In fact, we haven't had one complaint. We based these jocks on the classic sports jockstraps we loved by Bike and Flarico but made many improvements like contouring the base of the pouch, finding a webbing fabric that's soft right out of the box and adding an plushed inside to the waistband for added comfort. You've got to try them, they're awesome!

We Want To Hear From You

We love hearing from our customers and fans. Please feel free to contact us with your feedback, suggestions and opinions. We also love seeing our customers and fans in their jockstraps and gear so send us some photos (g-rated or x-rated is totally cool) to our email address (we won't share them unless you want us to) or send them through our social media by clicking on our social media links on the left column of any Jockstrap Central page.

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