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Xtreme Triple Threat Cock Ring String - Black

Xtreme Triple Threat Cock Ring String
Xtreme Triple Threat Cock Ring StringXtreme Triple Threat Cock Ring String
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Xtreme Triple Threat Cock Ring String Xtreme Triple Threat Cock Ring String
Xtreme Triple Threat Cock Ring String
Color: Black
Product#: 40123
Manufacturer#: XT-CRST01
Material: 85% Nylon+15% Spandex + Stainless Steel
Our latest underwear and cock ring hybrid is called Triple Threat for a reason: With a ring around your balls, a ring around your cock and a final ring around the works, you're bound three ways to ensure you're boned up big time.

And even when you're not called into action, because of the nature of the cock ring pushing your shaft out and up and also the works being suspended by the super-stretchy nylon/spandex waistband, you'll be bulging sky-high and prominently displayed when wearing under thin fabric shorts or pants. It's like going commando but with purpose.

But that's not all...

In back, a single thong strap travels down from the waistband and disappears between your ass cheeks - caressing your hole along the way - so every movement is a thrill.

Finally, a touch of style with the back waistband and thong strap joined by a small metal ring - matching the ones in front.

Garment Sizing:

Made with a super-stretchy Nylon/Spandex, the sizing of the Cock Ring String is very forgiving. If you're somewhere between the two sizes, get the smaller size as you'll be happier with a snugger fit. Our model Milo Miles is 5'4" with a 27" to 28" waist and wore size small - and as you can see, fit him perfectly.

Cock Ring Sizing:

This is important: No matter what size cock ring string you order, the included Triple Threat Cock Ring is one size.
Although chosen to fit the majority of guys, it's important that you measure your equipment to ensure it will fit - It'll be fun, trust us!

With a fabric tape measure or string take three measurements:
  1. Measure around your balls for the Balls Ring measurement
  2. Measure around your shaft at the base where it meets your balls for the Shaft Ring measurement
  3. Measure around the works where you shaft and balls join up to your body for the Base Ring measurement.

Compare those measurements with the the circumference measurements below and as long as your measurements are equal to or less than the ring measurements then this will fit you. Alternatively, you can also measure the diameter but it's not as precise when trying to figure out the width of your balls, shaft and base.

Balls Ring Circumference: 5.6 inches / 141 mm
Balls Ring Diameter: 1.77 inches / 45 mm

Shaft Ring Circumference: 4.6 inches / 117 mm
Shaft Ring Diameter: 1.46 inches / 37mm

Base Ring Circumference: 6.1 inches / 157 mm
Base Ring Diameter: 1.97 inches / 50 mm

* Your balls also need to fit through the Balls Ring but most guys balls are very pliable. If you do have huge balls they may not fit through the Balls Ring and it may not work for you.
Other Colors Available:
Black, Blue, Orange, Red

$34.95 USD
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