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Xtreme Chastity Harness - Black

Xtreme Chastity Harness
Xtreme Chastity HarnessXtreme Chastity Harness
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Xtreme Chastity Harness Xtreme Chastity Harness
Xtreme Chastity Harness
Color: Black
Product#: 40001
Manufacturer#: AF254
Material: PU Leather Metal
Play Hard!

Buckle up, you're in for a wild ride! This fetish gear is equally perfect for the exhibitionist or slave.

Scenario 1: Keep your eye on that cock! The unique design of this chastity harness allows you to control the pleasure your slave experiences while they do your bidding. Pull those genitals through the metal cockring and adjust the straps around your playthings waist and ass and buckle them up tight. Pull that shaft upward and strap it in with the 4 small straps, ensuring that your slave is securely trapped! You will have a clear view of their desperation as they strain against the straps!

Scenario 2: Slipping over the hips and between the cheeks, an adjustable harness places a built-in metal cock ring in perfect position. Once slipped over the base of the penis and scrotum, pull the shaft upward and buckle it into four thin straps. The sensitive tip and balls will be exposed, but their owner won't be able to stroke or otherwise interfere.

Scenario 3: If you're a true exhibitionist like our model Andrew with a dick that gets rock hard as soon as it's on display then you're also going to love the Chasity Harness. Strap up that engorged cock and the the built-in cockring will keep it that way. A single rear strap will also have you dripping as it rubs up against your hole.

Made with vegan PU Leather so it's soft once warmed up. A front panel has an opening with a metal cockring insert. Pull your dick and balls through it then once the blood gets flowing and you shaft points to the heavens, strap it to the harness using the four straps with adjustable buckles. The front panel has metal joiners to a rear belt that is fully adjustable using the countless sizing holes. Likewise, a single adjustable thong strap travels from the waistband down between your cheeks to hook up to the front panel.

Sizing: The Chasity Harness adjusts from 32.5 to 43" at the waist and 8 to 15" at rear strap. Cock straps adjust from 3.5 to 6" in circumference. Comes complete with a non-detachable fixed 2" metal cock-ring.

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