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McKillop New! Ice Shorts 2.0 (Translucent) - Yellow

McKillop New! Ice Shorts 2.0 (Translucent)
McKillop New! Ice Shorts 2.0 (Translucent)McKillop New! Ice Shorts 2.0 (Translucent)
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McKillop New! Ice Shorts 2.0 (Translucent) McKillop New! Ice Shorts 2.0 (Translucent)
McKillop New! Ice Shorts 2.0 (Translucent)
Color: Yellow
Product#: 38027
Manufacturer#: CIPO-YE2
Material: 100% Polyester (Translucent Plastic)
They're back and they're New and Improved! McKillop Ice Shorts Version 2.0 are here with even tougher plastic and reinforced stitching without sacrificing how fun and see-through they are.

McKillop has come up with the most outrageous shorts we've ever seen and they're perfect for all you exhibitionists out there.

Made with a translucent plastic (think shower curtain) which by it's nature is partially see-through. BUT, they're plastic so they're going to make you all hot and sweaty (always a good thing) which will, in turn, make them even more revealing as your skin ends up clinging to the plastic in places.

They're cut like a short sports short but the only sports you'll be getting up to is perhaps sports of the water variety!

There's also a handy slit up the side for enhanced movement plus a one and half inch drawstring waistband.

If by chance you're not daring enough (chicken!) to wear them commando, just grab your favorite jock to wear underneath for an interesting look. Either way they'll have people doing double takes and ending up with whiplash.

As for washing and cleaning up that mess you've made in them... simply grab a wet cloth and give them a wipe.

There are five color variations all in the same opaque plastic. The color variation is in the colored trim around the legs and up the sides. The trim is in either black, blue, orange, red or yellow.

You can see our new model Lenny wearing the shorts both commando and wearing a blue McKillop jockstrap underneath.
Other Colors Available:

$38.00 USD
* this item is not eligible for discount
* this item is on clearance and won't be restocked.
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