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McKillop Max Bulge Long Johns - Modal - Royal-blue

McKillop Max Bulge Long Johns - Modal
McKillop Max Bulge Long Johns - ModalMcKillop Max Bulge Long Johns - Modal
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McKillop Max Bulge Long Johns - Modal McKillop Max Bulge Long Johns - Modal
McKillop Max Bulge Long Johns - Modal
Color: Royal-blue
Product#: 38020
Manufacturer#: MLMO-RO1
Material: 95% Modal 5% Lycra
Wear them as Long johns or lounge pants, it's really up to you but first to the main event... the pouch:

Sure, it's all about the bulge - but McKillop is taking bulging to the extreme. With a secret weapon, well, two to be exact to ensure you're bulging sky high! First in the arsenal is a front pouch panel that's super contoured and cut high to sit up under your balls. Second, a double-wide elasticated fabric cock ring is included with every pair of long johns for extra lift and to potentially restrict some blood-flow. The result: your manhood is hoisted up and put out there on display for all to see, as it should.

The long johns are made with a second-skin Modal fabric that's not only super soft and stretchy but thin enough to wear under your pants or pair of jeans. It's an extra layer of warmth while outside in the cold with the added bonus of creating a prominent bulge that will get you noticed. Once you get home, strip off those jeans and just hang out on the couch in your bulging johns - they're that comfortable. Just be warned: alone or with someone else you'll be hard pressed not to give those bulges the attention they're just begging for.

With a 1.5 inch wide plushed waistband with MCKILLOP logo front and center.

By the way, in case you're in a situation where you don't want the extreme bulge effect, simply wear them without the included cock ring and they'll still look amazing.
  • Made with incredibly soft yet durable second skin Modal with a hint of Lycra for stretch.
  • Includes an optional plush 1.5 inch wide elasticated fabric cock ring.
  • Plush Waistband with McKillop Logo woven into it.
  • Thin enough to wear underneath jeans and pants for extra warmth in winter.
  • Comfortable and luxuious for lounging or date night at home on the couch.

Sizing Hints: Choose size based on your waist size from small to xxlarge. They're designed to be skin tight so you can wear underneath other clothing. Length of inseam goes up slightly per size from 30" to 36" but not to worry if you're short or tall, they look good worn short or long and gathered at the ankle.
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