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GBGB Sheer Cargo Pouch with Cock Ring - Yellow

GBGB Sheer Cargo Pouch with Cock Ring
GBGB Sheer Cargo Pouch with Cock RingGBGB Sheer Cargo Pouch with Cock Ring
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GBGB Sheer Cargo Pouch with Cock Ring GBGB Sheer Cargo Pouch with Cock Ring
GBGB Sheer Cargo Pouch with Cock Ring
Color: Yellow
Product#: 36100
Manufacturer#: GB2JOCKRAF
Material: 90% Nylon 10% Spandex
When designing this pouch, GBGB had one thing in mind - your cargo. Not only do they cradle it with a super-soft sheer fabric , but the sheer fabric is seriously see-through so everyone can see what you're packing.

But that's not all the attention your cargo is going to get: GBGB has attached a nice thick fabric cock ring at the base of the pouch so not only will this strapless pouch not fall off but the cock ring thickness means your cargo is pushed up and out so you're always bulging big time. And in case that cock ring gets the blood flowing (and it will) then the four-way stretch of the sheer fabric will accommodate it.

More details: The pouch is made of nylon with a bit of Spandex so it's soft and stretchy. As mentioned, it's also see-through. The sheer fabric has elastic piping around the edges and has a 1 inch wide elastic cock ring attached which slips on over your cock and balls. Between the piping and cock ring, this pouch is NOT falling off, ever.

A 1.5 inch wide comfort waistband features a repeating Good Boys Gone Bad - which we feel GBGB should be using more as that's what GBGB stands for.

In case it wasn't clear, the pouch is suspended from the waistband and there are no leg straps so you left swinging with a sense of total freedom. The back view is also pretty stunning showing nothing but the waistband.
Other Colors Available:
Blue, Red, White, Yellow

$22.00 USD
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