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Raw Studio Exposed Penta Jockstrap - Yellow Solid

Raw Studio Exposed Penta Jockstrap
Raw Studio Exposed Penta JockstrapRaw Studio Exposed Penta Jockstrap
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Raw StudioRaw Studio
Raw StudioRaw Studio
Raw Studio Exposed Penta Jockstrap Raw Studio Exposed Penta Jockstrap
Raw Studio Exposed Penta Jockstrap
Color: Yellow Solid
Product#: 35309
Manufacturer#: PJBY
Material: 92% microfiber, 8% Lycra
Our Raw Studio Exposed Collection is here and it's all about gearing up, showing off and getting the exposure you deserve from wearing it. From a jock and cockring hybrid creation to a strapless pouch that's designed for hanging out and swinging free with a few more surprises in between. Even the most conservative items come in a see-through mesh option. Here's the details:

You may think cult when you see the name Penta but it simply refers to the unique five sided pouch design. But then again, you could call the faction of guys who love hanging out in Raw Studio gear a cult - but that's one worth joining.

So... back to the pouch: It's made of a luxuriously soft microfiber and Lycra material. With an ergonomic design for function and fit. Black edge piping provide structure.

But here's where it get really interesting: The contrasting elastic leg straps are actually part of the pouch design. They start off at the front of the waistband and travel down the upper sides of the pouch then take off around back to eventually sit under your ass cheeks before finally joining back up to the pouch at it's base.

The waistband is 1.5 inches wide with a silver-grey Raw Studio label front and center.

This is the solid pouch version. For even more fun, be sure to also check out the Raw Studio Exposed Penta Jockstrap in mesh.

All Raw Studio is hand crafted and limited edition.
Other Colors Available:
Blue Solid, Red Solid, Blue Mesh, Red Mesh, Yellow Mesh

$24.00 USD
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