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Raw Studio Brigade Jockstrap - Brigade (Red)

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Raw Studio Brigade Jockstrap
Color: Brigade (Red)
Product#: 35277
Manufacturer#: RS-H05
Material: 61% Polyester 4% Lycra 35% Rayon
If you're holding out for a hero, the wait is over. Raw Studio's Hero collection of jockstraps and ball lifters is here. The best way to describe it is gear for sexually deviant superhero full of sexy streamlined jocks and full-frontal bulge-boosting creations. Choosing a model was a no-brainer - who better than our MMA fighter and local superhero Simon Marini with his HULK SMASH tattoo and built like Superman body.

Here's the details of the Raw Studio Brigade Jockstrap:

Brigade is one stunning streamlined jockstrap with a minimal yet super-contoured pouch. Made with a silky smooth jersey knit with soft grey inner layer - exactly what your want cradling your basket. The pouch is red and edged with quarter inch grey elastic piping to ensure a perfect fitting jock.

With Raw Studio's signature one and a half inch wide comfort waistband in white with horizontal sports stripes in navy-blue and red and two white three-quarter inch wide leg straps to finish it all off.

By far, one of Raw Studio's nicest looking jockstraps yet (and that's saying a lot!).
Other Colors Available:
Legion (Navy-blue)

$24.00 USD now only $20.40 USD
* this item is not eligible for further discount
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