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Raw Studio Force-2 Bulge Booster - Yellow

Raw Studio Force-2 Bulge Booster
Raw Studio Force-2 Bulge BoosterRaw Studio Force-2 Bulge Booster
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Raw StudioRaw Studio
Raw StudioRaw Studio
Raw Studio Force-2 Bulge Booster Raw Studio Force-2 Bulge Booster
Raw Studio Force-2 Bulge Booster
Color: Yellow
Product#: 35059
Manufacturer#: RS-FLT2
Material: 92% Microfiber 8% Elastine
What does Raw Studio do after the huge success of their last over the top collection? They expand on it. Introducing, Raw Studio Flaunt It - The Sequel, consisting of this Force 2 Bulge Booster, the Cock Sling Ball Lifter and the seriously hot Piggy Cock Rings. Here's the details:

LIke the original Raw Studio Force-1 Bulge Booster, the Force 2 Bulge Booster is not only as the title states, a bulge booster but it doubles as erotic gear to showcase your junk and put it all out there on display. Consisting of a three quarter inch wide elastic tear-drop ring suspended from a one and half inch wide waistband which swoops down in front to meet the ring. You stick your boys through the ring and the suspension gives your package a boost, pulling it up and pushing it out.

In black with a colored elastic strip around the ring in either blue, red or yellow.

Whether you're wearing it on it's own to display what you've got or wearing it under a pair of light fabric shorts to maximize the bulge, you're going to LOVE Force-2.

As they say, if you've got it Flaunt it!

* Raw Studio designs are all expertly hand crafted and exclusive to us.

Other Colors Available:

$15.00 USD now only $10.50 USD
* this item is not eligible for further discount
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