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Raw Studio Force-1 Bulge Booster - Black and Yellow

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Raw Studio Force-1 Bulge Booster Detail 1
Raw Studio Force-1 Bulge Booster Detail 2
Raw Studio Force-1 Bulge Booster
Black and Yellow - 92% Microfiber 8% Elastine
Raw Studio's back with a new collection fittingly called Flaunt It, full of bulge boosting gear and full-frontal designs to show off everything you've got.

The Force 1 Bulge Booster is not only as the title states, a bulge booster but it doubles as sexy gear to showcase your package and put it all out there on display. Consisting of a small half inch wide elastic ring suspended from a one and half inch wide waistband by an outer half inch wide elastic ring. You stick your boys through the inner ring and the suspension gives your package a boost, pulling it up and pushing it out.

With a colored elastic strip at the base of the waistband but above your crotch in either red, blue or yellow to indicate your fetish.

Whether you're wearing it on it's own to display what you've got or wearing it under a pair of light fabric shorts to maximize the bulge, you're going to LOVE Force-1.

As they say, if you've got it Flaunt it!

* Raw Studio designs are all expertly hand crafted and exclusive to us.
16.00 USD now only $12.00 USD
* this item is not eligible for further discount
color: Black and Orange
price: $44.00 $35.20 USD

color: Red
price: $59.00 USD

color: Black
price: $23.95 $17.96 USD

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