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CellBlock 13 Vector Socks - Blue

CellBlock 13 Vector Socks
CellBlock 13 Vector SocksCellBlock 13 Vector Socks
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CellBlock 13CellBlock 13
CellBlock 13CellBlock 13
CellBlock 13 Vector Socks CellBlock 13 Vector Socks
CellBlock 13 Vector Socks
Color: Blue
Product#: 33828
Manufacturer#: A064
Material: 80% Cotton 17% Polyester 3% Spandex
Direct to the point, the new Vector collection by Cellblock 13 is the pinnacle of future fetish meets sports fetish. It's gear made for the 21st century. The collection consists of a jockstrap, a stand alone harness and a hot wrestling singlet all made with a stunning rubber look fabric plus these awesome sports socks.

The design is pure future sports fetish made with a cushioned mostly cotton fabric with a hint of polyester and spandex for extra comfort and fit. While not knee-high like many sports fetish socks, they rise high enough to show above your combat boots or high-top running shoes.

With Tron like detailing, CB13 logo on the outside of each sock, CELLBLOCK 13 written across the toes and in case you've had a few to many to drink - a convenient L and R so you know which foot to put in each sock.

They go perfectly with the Cellblock 13 Vector Jockstrap, Cellblock 13 Vector Harness and Cellblock 13 Vector Zipper Wrestling Singlet but will match most other Cellblock 13 gear.

Please Note: The Cellblock 13 Vector Jockstrap, Cellblock 13 Vector Wrestling Singlet, Cellblock 13 Vector Harness, Cellblock 13 Ranger Jockstrap (coming soon) and Cellblock 13 Ranger Harness (coming soon) as seen in our photos are all sold separately.
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$16.00 USD
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