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CellBlock 13 Linebacker Body Harness with CB13 Cockring - Red

CellBlock 13 Linebacker Body Harness with CB13 Cockring
CellBlock 13 Linebacker Body Harness with CB13 CockringCellBlock 13 Linebacker Body Harness with CB13 Cockring
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CellBlock 13CellBlock 13
CellBlock 13CellBlock 13
CellBlock 13 Linebacker Body Harness with CB13 Cockring CellBlock 13 Linebacker Body Harness with CB13 Cockring
CellBlock 13 Linebacker Body Harness with CB13 Cockring
Color: Red
Product#: 33470
Manufacturer#: CBS267
Material: 70% Polyester 30% Spandex
Cellblock 13's latest harness will keep them guessing - wondering where those down straps end up as they disappear down into your jock, shorts or pants. But you'll cetainly know as they're attached to the included rubber cock ring wrapped around your dick - so every movement is a thrill!

The Cellblock 13 Linebacker Harness is sexy, versatile, inexpensive and fully adjustable. It's designed to show off your hard-earned chest and shoulder muscles with a series of stretchy straps both front and back all hooked up via a series of black rubber rings.

The 1.5 inch wide upper straps are made with Cellblock 13's signature comfort elastic with sports striping and large CB13 logo across the chest. In the back is a sexy criss-cross design.

But here's where the fun starts - down straps travel down from the under-the-arm rings and meet up at a single stretchy rubber tire-tread cock ring that's worn around your dick and balls. Good luck trying to prevent that inevitable boner.

As it doesn't attach to anything other than your tackle, you can wear this with ANY Cellblock 13 jock, a pair of jeans, pair of shorts or if you really want to show off... nothing at all.

There's also the option of removing the down straps and wearing it as an stand alone upper body harness - but where's the fun in that, right?

In some of our photos, our model Travis Connor is also wearing the matching Cellblock 13 Linebacker Mesh Jockstrap for the complete look.

Sizing: As the harness is made with stretchy elastic and the down straps include black metal sizing snaps, this harness should fit most guys. Just for comparison, our huge 6'4" tall model Travis Connor is wearing a size Xlarge harness.

The stretchy rubber ring when not stretched measures 1.5 inches across the inside. You wear it around both your cock and balls at the base where they meet your body. You can also remove it to use on it's own or replace it with the cock ring of your choice.
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