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CellBlock 13 Apex Harness - Purple

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CellBlock 13 Apex Harness
Color: Purple
Product#: 33191
Material: 45% Polyester, 45% PU, 7% Nylon, 3% Spandex
The CellBlock 13 Apex Harness is the next great piece of GEAR for those that are in charge. This harness is made out of high quality polyester, perforated polyurethane, nylon and spandex with your favorite fetish colors as piping details.

In front, a horizontal cross piece and diagonal end panels in perforated rubber frames your chest to perfection. In back, more panels join a black metal ring right between your shoulder blades. It's all black and edged in contrasting piping in purple and backed with a super-stretch nylon-spandex.

It is form fitting as these great fabrics together allow for great flexibility and elasticity.

You can wear the Apex Harness on it's own or you can pair it with any of the following Arsenal gear, as that was Cellblock 13's design intention: Cellblock 13 Arsenal Jockstrap, Cellblock 13 Aresenal Trunk or Cellblock 13 Aresenal Socks. Be sure to check out the new Cellblock 13 Aresenal Harness as an alternative harness to Apex.
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PUMP! Black Jockstrap
color: Black
price: $24.00 USD
CellBlock 13 Triple Threat Zipper Jockstrap
color: Blue
price: $44.00 USD
CellBlock 13 Ranger Jockstrap
color: Red
price: $36.00 USD
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