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CellBlock 13 Fusion Slingback Jock Brief with U Bulge System - Blue

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CellBlock 13 Fusion Slingback Jock Brief with U Bulge System Detail 1
CellBlock 13 Fusion Slingback Jock Brief with U Bulge System Detail 2
CellBlock 13 Fusion Slingback Jock Brief with U Bulge System
Blue - 95% Polyester 5% Spandex
CellBlock13 is back with another phenomenal collection filled with features that will make you VERY popular. The "Fusion" underwear collection consists of a jockstrap, jock brief and short that can be worn either as under or outer wear (if you dare!) all with Cellblock 13's "U Bulge" system (more below) and a pouch made of a slick n' shiny perforated leather-look fabric which not only stretches and molds to your junk but is quite see-through where your dick and balls press up against it.

Here's more details:

The Slingback Jockstrap is essentially a jockbrief, with a low-profile brief front and unique jockstrap back. The front is paneled with sexy sides in a slick black spandex and center contoured pouch made of the above mentioned unique shiny mesh material also in black. Although on first glance it looks like leather but it's actually thin, soft and super stretchy so it really clings to your package. The mesh is micro, but your skin pressing up against the fabric is visible and it's quite obvious what you're packing. Contrasting three-quarter inch blue piping edge the bottom and sides not only adding support but ensures the perfect fit.

Of course, the most exciting detail is Inside the pouch: it's Cellblock 13's U Bulge system. It's a second narrow floating inner fabric U that attaches to both to the top and bottom, the reinforced U travels down around your balls pushing your junk up and thrusting it all out.

The waistband has been given the CB 13 treatment you'd expect: It's a masculine one and a half inches wide, super durable with a high thread count woven design that consists of bold horizontal sports striping in white and black on a background of blue with bold CB13 logo front and center. Finally, the side brief panels narrow to join the solid one inch wide leg straps which finish it all off. Seriously, these are some of the best straps going.

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30.00 USD
color: White
price: $12.95 $6.48 USD

color: Blue
price: $24.00 USD

color: Grey
price: $19.00 USD

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