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Bruto Hot Mesh Jockstrap with Bulge Lifter - Black

Bruto Hot Mesh Jockstrap with Bulge Lifter
Bruto Hot Mesh Jockstrap with Bulge LifterBruto Hot Mesh Jockstrap with Bulge Lifter
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Bruto Hot Mesh Jockstrap with Bulge Lifter Bruto Hot Mesh Jockstrap with Bulge Lifter
Bruto Hot Mesh Jockstrap with Bulge Lifter
Color: Black
Product#: 22216
Manufacturer#: EST-BRT-J10
Material: 83% Polyester - 17% Spandex
What a Mesh!

*This is essentially the same jock as our Bruto Hot Mesh Jockstrap but this one has a Bulge Lifter as part of the design. For guys with average packages this should work but for more well endowed guys, you may find this jock too cramped for your boys.

The hot weather is here so be sure to snag a jockstrap (thong or brief) from Bruto with built-in air conditioning. While onlookers will be getting all hot and bothered with the view of your boys being partially exposed, you'll be nice a cool with the wind tickling your balls through mesh fabric. Here's the details.

The Bruto Hot Mesh Jockstrap with Bulge Lifter has two fun features. The most obvious is the sexy mesh fabric that's pretty much see-through leaving very little to the imagination. But that's not all - the pouch is designed with a second lower half pouch inside (also of mesh) that acts like a pouch for your boys. It ingeniously lifts up your package and pushes it out while filling out the pouch and allowing your junk to become even more visible. Hot!

The pouch is contoured plus the mesh fabric has a slight four-way stretch to accommodate most guys comfortably

The waistband is almost two-and-a-half inches wide with the iconic Bruto Bear logo front and center. In back, find two one inch wide leg straps.

Like all Bruto jocks and underwear, they are all-inclusive coming in sizes Small all the way up to XXlarge (28 inch waist to 46 inch waist)!

Be sure to check out the Bruto Hot Mesh Thong as well.
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