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Male Power Leather Aries Harness - Black and Blue

Male Power Leather Aries Harness
Male Power Leather Aries HarnessMale Power Leather Aries Harness
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Male PowerMale Power
Male PowerMale Power
Male PowerMale Power
Male Power Leather Aries Harness Male Power Leather Aries Harness
Male Power Leather Aries Harness
Color: Black and Blue
Product#: 19107
Manufacturer#: 592-266
Material: 100% PU Leather
Harness your inner Male Power!

Why do guys wear a harness? A symbol of masculinity referring back to the days of the gladiator. To accentuate one's hard-earned muscles. As a membership into the world of S&M and BDSM. A fashion statement. Whatever the reason, they're hot and we're all for it.

The Male Power Leather Aries Harness consists of a series of straps made of soft Nubuck Leather with Polyurethane coating, metal rings and loads of sizing buckles to ensure the perfect fit. It's designed to showcase your chest and pecs up front and your back muscles in the rear. The main straps are black with metal stud detailing and striking blue front cross straps in front and back, both with handy rings to attach a leash.

Of course, the best feature is the price. Unheard of for a leather harness but that's Male Power for you.

In our photos, you'll also find our model Windom Gold wearing a black JC Athletic Classic Swimmer Jockstrap, blue PRO Proformance Jockstrap and an Xtreme Slick-it Silicone Cock Ring - all produced by Jockstrap Central.

Sizing tips: This harness is one size fits most and is fully adjustable in four locations using a buckle system. For comparison: Our model Windom Gold is 6'
Other Colors Available:
Black and Blue, Black, Black, Black, Black

$40.95 USD
Choose Size:
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