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Male Power Poseidon Chaps Short with Rip-off Thong - Black

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Male Power Poseidon Chaps Short with Rip-off Thong
Color: Black
Product#: 19060
Manufacturer#: PAK-150
Material: 85% Polyester 15% Spandex
Male Power steps up it's erotic gear with three new styles we're called Slick It.

This Male Power Poseidon Chaps and Rip-off Thong is two-in-one fun. The outer short is like a pair of chaps in a super shiny, sleek and stretchy fabric that's completely open from the front and back. In the back, the top of the shorts has two metal rings and an elastic straps joining them to ensure the perfect fit.

Separate from the short is a fully detachable thong with a studded pouch which is xtremely narrow also in the stretchy black fabric. The top of the pouch narrows to a strap which loops around the waistband and reattaches to itself using Velcro and is finished off with a metal ring.

In the back the thong is a sexy Y shape; the tops of the Y loop around the waistband and attach to itself using Velcro . The bottom of the Y disappears into the crevice between your cheeks inviting anyone to dive in after it.

The best feature is that the chaps short can be worn together with the thong as a set or simply on it's own for some sexy full-frontal fun gear.

$36.95 USD
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