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Male Power Extreme Prolong Jock - Prolong Jock

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Male Power Extreme Prolong Jock
Color: Prolong Jock
Product#: 19046
Manufacturer#: 372-004
Material: 85% Polyester 15% Spandex
This total exposure collection of jocks, jock briefs and thongs from Male Power all include rings, things, gizmos and gadgets for added fun and excitement. There's 6 designs in total, be sure to collect them all.

The Prolong Jock is almost a typical jock brief with a slim brief front made with three panels. The side panels run around to the back, splitting to become more jock like. If you're familiar with the very trendy jock brief style, then you'll know exactly what we mean. The fabric is black, soft, slinky, shiny and very sexy but this is the Extreme collection so you know there has to be a twist, and you'd be right - two holes in the front center panel, one above the other is where the real fun starts. If you haven't figured it out, well, one is for showing off your dick and the lower one, your balls. Get a Prolong Jock and give your meat and two veg the attention they deserve.

$26.95 USD now only $21.56 USD
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