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Male Power Extreme Ring Jock - Ring Jock

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Male Power Extreme Ring Jock
Color: Ring Jock
Product#: 19044
Manufacturer#: 370-004
Material: 85% Polyester 15% Spandex
This total exposure collection of jocks, jock briefs and thongs from Male Power all include rings, things, gizmos and gadgets for added fun and excitement. There's 6 designs in total, be sure to collect them all.

What's better than a cock ring? A cock ring incorporated into a sexy jockstrap. Although simple, the Ring Jock is sure to get you excited and the included cock ring will ensure you stay that way.

It's essentially three fabric covered elastic straps, one front and center and the other two, traditional jockstraps that all start at the one inch super soft plushed waistband and all end up at the metal cock ring around your dick.

The included cock ring is 2 inches in diameter but it attaches to the straps with velcro so you can exchange it with your own ring if you need a better fit or already already have a favorite.

$23.95 USD
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