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GX3 5-Way Neoprene Harness - Red and Black

GX3 5-Way Neoprene Harness
GX3 5-Way Neoprene HarnessGX3 5-Way Neoprene Harness
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GX3 5-Way Neoprene Harness GX3 5-Way Neoprene Harness
GX3 5-Way Neoprene Harness
Color: Red and Black
Product#: 11203
Manufacturer#: K760F
Material: 100% Neoprene
Exclusively available in North America at Jockstrap Central.

Japanese designer GX3 has landed at Jockstrap Central and we're launching with this crazy hot, overtly sexy and VERY versatile neoprene rubber harnesses plus some stunning streamlined jockstraps.

Full disclosure. GX3 calls this the 3-Way Harness but after getting our hands on it, we think they're selling it short. We found at least five different ways to wear it.

It's the most versatile harness we've come across, made with a variety of soft and slick looking two-toned neoprene rubber straps with multiple sizing snaps on each end. They're all joined up with metal rings with some configurations having the down strap(s) secured to your dick via a ring. As a bonus, in a few configurations, you can use one of the smaller straps hooked up in a loop with a metal ring to form a matching muscle armband.

We've compiled a graphic in our photo spread that shows the many ways you can wear the 5-Way Harness.

Another bonus: You can replace the detachable cock ring with your own if you have a favorite.

Sizing notes: Although one size only, with every strap being adjustable with a series of snaps on each end, this harness is not only going to fit most guys but also fit them well. You can adjust total length, length from the shoulder to the chest and width of the harness. The only restriction is it probably won't work on guys with chests larger than 44 inches. For comparison, our model Chance is 5' 10", has a 31 inch waist and is 175lbs.

Please note, these are limited edition designs.
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$110.00 USD
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