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Bike Performance Cotton Swimmer Jockstrap - Black

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Bike Performance Cotton Swimmer Jockstrap Detail 1
Bike Performance Cotton Swimmer Jockstrap Detail 2
Bike Performance Cotton Swimmer Jockstrap
Black - Polyester/Nylon/Rubber/Cotton
This line has been discontinued by the manufacturer. If you donít see your size, check out these JC Athletic swimmer and 3" jockstraps available in black or white.

It doesn't happen often, but there's some new Bike Jockstrap hitting the gym. Bike International have taken their best selling Bike Performance Jocks and spiced things up by releasing these colored editions.

Bike has redesigned its classic swimmer jock to give you even more support and comfort for the gym, the track or the pitch. Improving on just about everything: The woven pouch is softer and wicks moisture better. The waistband design now sports the Bike logo and is made of a softer "plush" like elastic and the leg straps are plushed as well. Don't think plush means they're not durable, these will withstand your most vigorous workout.

Still as rugged as ever for sports but now comfortable enough to wear as regular underwear!

This is their 1 1/4 inch wide waistband version (also called a swimmer) of their famous athletic supporter. Also available in a regular jockstrap with a 2 inch wide waistband.

Slightly more expensive as they're imported.
14.95 USD now only $12.71 USD
* this item is not eligible for further discount
color: Fever
price: $24.00 USD

color: Black Sheer
price: $16.00 USD

color: Titan
price: $24.00 USD

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