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Nasty Pig Takedown Jockstrap - Black

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Nasty Pig Takedown Jockstrap
Color: Black
Product#: 07153
Manufacturer#: 5515
Material: 95% Cotton 5% Spandex
They're back! Originally launched in 2010 and discontinued in 2014 and sharing top billing as one of our favorite Nasty Pig jocks ever. It's the Nasty Pig Takedown Jock in the original black and white but now in red and white or blue and white. We're not saying we had anything to do with it, but we've been hinting to Nasty Pig that the Sport Jock and Takedown Jock should make a comeback, at least we got one of our wishes. Here's the details:

Masculine, sexy and athletic are the words that come to mind for all Nasty Pig jockstraps but they've perfected it with the Takedown Jock surpassing their standard of excellence.

With incredible styling using their iconic Pig logo front and center with complimentary contrasting dual racing stripes both down the center of the pouch and across the waistband. Complimentary piping edging the pouch finishes off the whole design.

Incredible styling aside, like all Nasty Pig jockstraps that have come before, the Takedown Jock is one of the most comfortable and well made jockstraps you'll ever own made with a super soft durable ribbed cotton with just a hint of spandex to maintain the perfect fit. Includes a super plushed one-and-three-quarter inch waistband with three-quarter inch leg straps to keep your boys all happy and in place.

Pick these up before they disappear again and before you head to bed, do some praying to the jockstrap gods that the Nasty Pig Sport Jock will be next!

We've paired this Takedown Jock with the Nasty Pig Ever Nasty Rugby Short and the Nasty Pig XXX Socks
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