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Locker Gear Leatherette Jockstrap - Red

Locker Gear Leatherette Jockstrap
Locker Gear Leatherette JockstrapLocker Gear Leatherette Jockstrap
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Locker Gear Leatherette Jockstrap Locker Gear Leatherette Jockstrap
Locker Gear Leatherette Jockstrap
Color: Red
Product#: 02213
Manufacturer#: LK0121
Material: Nylon, Elastane, Polyester, Cotton
Often, Sports Fetish is simply a mindset that takes place in the bedroom or backroom with your jockstrap on. With Locker Gear's new Jockstraps the visual hits home what sports fetish is, throwing subtlety out the door.

With the Locker Gear Massive Harder Zipper Jockstrap, the ultra-wide masculine waistband with it's multiple bands of sports stripes will get you into any locker room out there. But, the pouch is pure kink and with it's slick pvc fabric and functional contrasting colored zipper running down the center you'll be skipping the lines at your local fetish club.

Along with the wide waistband, the leg straps are also nice and thick for a bit of butt lifting action.
Other Colors Available:
Blue, White

$27.00 USD
Choose Size:
CellBlock 13 X-Back Jock Pouch
color: Blue
price: $32.00 USD
PUMP! Switch Jockstrap
color: Black
$24.00 $18.00 USD
CellBlock 13 X-back Harness
color: Red
price: $42.00 USD
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