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Xtreme Magnetix Maximus Cock Ring - Maximus

Xtreme Magnetix Maximus Cock Ring
Xtreme Magnetix Maximus Cock RingXtreme Magnetix Maximus Cock Ring
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Xtreme Magnetix Maximus Cock Ring Xtreme Magnetix Maximus Cock Ring
Xtreme Magnetix Maximus Cock Ring
Color: Maximus
Product#: 40117
Manufacturer#: XT-CR18
Material: Stainless Steel
IMPORTANT: Click here for the large and xlarge sizes of the Maximus Cock Ring. They are slightly higher priced due to extra amount of steel used to make them.

Our new Magnetix Cock Ring Collection is here. This time around we've got four new heavy metal cock rings with heavy duty magnets - so you can get it on and get it hard in no time.

There are four rings in this collection: Taurus and Centaur smooth but solid hinged rings and Colossus and Maximus are massive rings for massive effect.

We know a lot of guys fumble getting the solid rings on (hint: balls first, shaft second) but these rings come apart so you can open them up, slip them on and let the heavy duty magnets keep them in place.

The Xtreme Magnetix Maximus Cock Ring is not for the faint of heart. If the shear size doesn't scare them off then your massive boner in the massive cock ring will. And if it doesn't, you've found your lifelong partner.

Maximus is big, it's smooth and a thing of beauty. At first glance, it looks like one solid ring but thanks to the heavy duty magnets, a quarter of the ring detaches from the base - allowing you to slip it on quickly when the need arises.

As mentioned, Maximus is huge and hefty. The width of the outer ring is a whopping 5/8 an inch wide and the height is 7/8 of an inch (not to be confused with the total width of the ring). *Measurements are approximate.

Please note: This ring is made with 304 surgical steel which contains 74% Steel, 18% Chromium and 8% Nickel.

Words can only say so much, check out our photos of our large down there models William Miguel and Tobias and all will be revealed.

Sizing Guide:

Although the magnets are heavy duty, be sure to measure (see below) to determine your correct size. Don't get a size smaller - as good as the magnets are, if the ring is too small the magnets may not hold.

*For guys with balls sitting close to your body, this huge ring may not work for you.

Measuring: These are solid metal cock rings so there's no stretch or give to them. To figure out your size (circumference): use a fabric tape measure to measure around the base of your cock and balls, don't make it tight. If you don't have a fabric tape measure, use a string to wrap around the base of your cock (behind your balls) then lie string flat against a flat ruler to determine the circumference.

large: 12.9 oz/365 gr
Diameter: 2 inches
Circumference: 6.28 inches

xlarge: 14.1 oz/400 gr
Diameter: 2.16 inches
Circumference: 6.78 inches

Other Colors Available:
Colossus , Taurus, Centaur , Maximus, Maximus

$54.95 USD
Choose Size:
King Dick DOMINANT Sports Jockstrap
color: Black
$27.00 $10.80 USD
Alpha Charlie Basic Training Jockstrap
color: Green/Orange
price: $23.00 USD
Russell Hardwear Reflex Violaceous Hardstar Cock Ring
color: Reflex Violaceous Hardstar
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