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McKillop Max Bulge Modal Jockstrap with Cock Ring - Royal-blue (modal)

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McKillop Max Bulge Modal Jockstrap with Cock Ring
Color: Royal-blue (modal)
Product#: 38011
Manufacturer#: MJMO-RO1
Material: Modal 92% Lycra 8%
New Color!

Sure, it's all about the bulge - but with McKillop it's taking bulging to the extreme. With a secret weapon, well, two to be exact to ensure you're bulging sky high!

First in this jockstrap's arsenal is a pouch that's super contoured and cut high to sit up under your balls.

Second, a double-wide elasticated fabric cock ring is included with every jock for extra lift and to potentially restrict some blood-flow. The result: your manhood is hoisted up and put out there on display for all to see, as it should.

This version of the Max Bulge Jock is made from a super stretchy, durable yet soft Modal fabric that clings to your junk showing off every nook and cranny.

With a one and a half inch wide plushed waistband with the tasteful and subtle McKillop logo woven right into it. Three-quarter inch wide leg straps finish it all off.

Be sure to also check out the totally see-through Mesh Max Bulge Jockstrap and the Sphere Max Bulge Jockstrap.

$18.00 USD
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