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Maskulo Open Back Leggings with Easy Access Cod Piece - Red and Black

Maskulo Open Back Leggings with Easy Access Cod Piece
Maskulo Open Back Leggings with Easy Access Cod PieceMaskulo Open Back Leggings with Easy Access Cod Piece
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Maskulo Open Back Leggings with Easy Access Cod Piece Maskulo Open Back Leggings with Easy Access Cod Piece
Maskulo Open Back Leggings with Easy Access Cod Piece
Color: Red and Black
Product#: 37019
Material: 80% Nylon, 20% Spandex / Lycra / Elastane
Please note:This item has been discontinued. The cod piece is attached to the leggings. There is a new version of these leggings with a fully detachable cod piece here.

Designed to emphasize your most valuable assets these hug-your-body Maskulo Open Back Leggings feel like a second skin. With the leather-look super-3D formed pouch (open at the top for easy exit) and leather look thigh and calf padding they're sure to get you noticed. It's sports fetish on steroids. Here's the details:

The most noticeable feature is the Spartacus styled leather-look 3D contoured cod-piece: Unlike our other Maskulo offerings (jockstrap, shorts, and singlets) the cod piece is NOT removable which helps in keeping this pouch super bulging no-matter what you're packing but it is open from the top so you (or someone else) can simply reach in and pull it all out whether it's to expose yourself or relieve yourself (or both!)

It's a full-length two-toned lycra pant in black and red that hugs your every muscle. As mentioned above, leather-look quilted padding is molded and soft so it moves with your body. The back is open to the world and reinforced with black edging. In fact, the whole garment is finished with exceptional detailing.

Finally a full 2 1/4 inch, uber-masculine white elastic waistband edged with a thin strip of black both top and bottom with centered black M A S K U L O. Made with durable fabrics and double stitching throughout Quality all the way.

Sizing: Maskulo has unique sizing and is available in what they call extra small and run all the way up to a xxxl. Be sure to consult the recommended wasit sizing from the size drop down box. As for length, they get slightly longer as the size goes up. They hug the ankle so they look great worn short or a bit longer and bunched up a bit, plus there's also the possibility of getting them hemmed.

If we had to describe them: They're post apocalyptic super hero cosplay wear or future fetish meets mad max or just some freakn' cool spandex gear with a hole bunch of exposure possibilities.

(please note: the Maskulo Forearm Guard Wallets in the photos are not included. If you like them, let us know and we may bring them in with our next order.)
Other Colors Available:

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