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GBGB Jayden Sheer Transform Jockstrap - Royal-Blue

GBGB Jayden Sheer Transform Jockstrap
GBGB Jayden Sheer Transform JockstrapGBGB Jayden Sheer Transform Jockstrap
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GBGB Jayden Sheer Transform Jockstrap GBGB Jayden Sheer Transform Jockstrap
GBGB Jayden Sheer Transform Jockstrap
Color: Royal-Blue
Product#: 36091
Manufacturer#: GBGBU063
Material: 90% Nylon 10% Spandex
New Variation for Fall 2022!

GBGB has taken their best selling Jayden Sheer Transform Jockstrap and brought in out in evern more options.

Jayden is an ingenious design in that it can be worn in four different configurations - from simply suggestive to full-on full frontal with a bit of ball-lifting thrown into the mix.

This new Jayden has a pouch comprised of two panels of stunning sheer fabric. It's soft, sensual and extremely stretchy plus it cradles your boys to perfection. Because of the stretch, Jayden is suitable for most guys, no matter how endowed you are.

Configuration one: The panels cross each other at the bottom of the pouch leaving a sexy and teasing hole at the top to show off the base of your shaft. The fabric is doubled up so the pouch is only slightly see-through.

Configuration two: As above but you can pull your dick out of the top opening to put your shaft out on display.

Configuration three: Take one of the sheer panels and slide it under your balls. The top opening is larger and reveals more of your shaft plus your dick becomes very visible through a single layer of the sheer fabric.

Configuration four: Slide both panels under your balls for the full reveal - everything is out there on display. As a bonus, the panels under your ball give your package a ball-lifting boost.

More details: The sturdy yet stretch elastic waistband is 2 inches wide with a GBGB logo front and center. In back, find two 1 inch wide leg straps to frame your butt.

Other Colors Available:
Black, Grey, White, Black Camo, Blue Camo, Red, Royal-Blue

$24.00 USD
Choose Size:
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