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GBGB Balz Suspensory Pouch - White (Sheer)

GBGB Balz Suspensory Pouch
GBGB Balz Suspensory PouchGBGB Balz Suspensory Pouch
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GBGB Balz Suspensory Pouch GBGB Balz Suspensory Pouch
GBGB Balz Suspensory Pouch
Color: White (Sheer)
Product#: 36062
Manufacturer#: GBBLLZ0
Material: 70% Polyester 15% Cotton 15% Rubber
By definition, a suspensory is a fabric pouch for supporting the scrotum, on a band around the hips, designed specifically for guys after testicular operations. Well, GBGB has taken this traditional medical gear and taken it to a whole new sexy, pervy and stylish level. Not only do you get a strapless pouch (or jockstrap) that treats your balls just right, but it also puts your dick out on display and as an added bonus - gets you bulging to perfection when you wear it under your favorite pair of jeans or light fabric shorts.

This is the GBGB Balzy Suspensory Pouch (no leg straps) but it's also available in a jockstrap. Here's the details

The main feature of this suspensory strapless pouch is of course the pouch that cradles your balls. It's made from a super-soft and totally see-through sheer fabric - a fabric that feels amazing with a four-way stretch so it's form-fitting.The pouch is suspended from the waistband with reinforced canvas strips on each side leaving a space for your dick to hang out freely.

Includes a a one inch wide elastic waistband that keep the pouch supported. In the back is a very sexy streamlined look with just the single waistband running above your ass cheeks.

Be sure to also check out the GBGB Balzy Suspensory Jockstrap with a solid ribbed fabric pouch and jockstrap leg straps.

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