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GBGB 3" Classic Jockstrap V2.0 - Royal-blue

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GBGB 3" Classic Jockstrap V2.0
Color: Royal-blue
Product#: 36048
Manufacturer#: GB2JOCKV2.0
Material: 70% Polyester 15% Cotton 15% Rubber
Time to freshen up your top jockstrap drawer and we've got exactly what you need: Brand new to Jockstrap Central is GBGB which is a match made in heaven especially considering that GBGB stands for Good Boys Gone Bad. Whatever they're designing, guaranteed they're be throwing a naughty curve ball at it.

The GBGB Classic 3" Sport Jockstrap is a very modern jock but borrows hugely from the all the classic sports jock of yesteryear. With a full on, masculine and very sturdy 3 inch wide waistband with an additional waistband binding strip for extra support.

But it's not just the waistband that has us excited, the pouch is made with a crazy hot ribbed knit fabric so you not only get the moisture wicking of a sports jock but the fabric is so soft right out of the box your boys are going to be loving you for it. It's also contoured to fit you just right plus the ribbing ends up cradling your junk for bulging perfection. As a final touch, GBGB has bordered the pouch with silicon tapes for a more secure fit and maximum support.

Finally, two one inch wide leg straps finish it all off.

As for fit: Although similar in style to the old Priape jockstraps (which we never brought in due to issue with their small pouches), these are a huge improvement with the better designed and larger pouch. For proof, just look at our model Romeo in the red jockstrap - he's a BIG boy and he fit perfectly and comfortably in it.
Other Colors Available:
Royal-blue, Navy-blue, Gold, Black, Army Green, Orange, White, Grey

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