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Raw Studio Nero Ball Lifter - Black, Gold

Raw Studio Nero Ball Lifter
Raw Studio Nero Ball LifterRaw Studio Nero Ball Lifter
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Raw StudioRaw Studio
Raw StudioRaw Studio
Raw Studio Nero Ball Lifter Raw Studio Nero Ball Lifter
Raw Studio Nero Ball Lifter
Color: Black, Gold
Product#: 35336
Manufacturer#: RS-NS01
Material: 100% Polyester
Just in time for Cinco de Mayo, Raw Studio's new Mexican inspired Bandito collection of jocks, ball-lifters and matching cock rings have launched and this time around things are a bit more stylish, sexy and sophisticated and because it's Raw Studio you know it's as fiery hot as an Habanero.

Black is the predominant color. Think Mexican wrestling, Day of the Dead and a bit of fetish club back room fun and finished off with a bit of bling in the form of gold detailing.

Raw Studio's Nero Ball Lifter does it's job by getting your boys riding high and pushed out for maximum bulging but it's the touch of gold above your boys that seals the deal. A solid black elastic waistband with duo-striped elastic that scoops down around your balls with a slim stripe of gold at the top of the "pouch" Stunning.

From the back, the look is slick with only the waistband in view and everything else you've got on full display.

As with all Raw Studio gear, it's all hand crafted in Toronto, it's hard to find using only the highest quality fabrics going. Forget all the commercial mass-manufactured gear and support small local gay businesses.
Other Colors Available:
Black, Gold, Black, Gold

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