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Raw Studio El Guapo Ball Lifter - El Guapo

Raw Studio El Guapo Ball Lifter
Raw Studio El Guapo Ball LifterRaw Studio El Guapo Ball Lifter
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Raw StudioRaw Studio
Raw StudioRaw Studio
Raw Studio El Guapo Ball Lifter Raw Studio El Guapo Ball Lifter
Raw Studio El Guapo Ball Lifter
Color: El Guapo
Product#: 35328
Manufacturer#: CSLL
Material: 100% polyester
Pay attention as this is a big one - and we're not talking about our model Evan's manhood. In this case we're talking about Raw Studio's new Lucha LIbre Collection of jocks, socks, thongs, ball-lifters, cockrings and harnesses. Mixing bright colors and metallic fabrics for one of the hottest and most stunning collections we've seen yet.

The very limited edition Lucha LIbre collection is inspired by Mexican wrestling and like everything in Mexico, the colors are vibrant thanks to the custom fabric that's been printed using a dye sublimated printing process. The designs are all hand-crafted, unique and it's Raw Studio so you know there's an element of overt sexuality in every item.

The Raw Studio El Guapo Ball Lifter is duo-purpose - part display gear and part enhancing gear. It's designed to getting your balls and shaft riding high and pushed out for maximum bulging under shorts or pants but it's also a super sexy display suit showcasing your junk to perfection.

Essentially, it's a super-comfort one and half inch wide waistband in white with a suspended elastic loop. Filling in the space between the elastics and above your tackle is a panel of Raw Stuido's custom Mexican wrestling inspired fabric.

With a Raw Studio logo patch front and center on the waistband. In back, find a single waistband running horizontally above your ass cheeks - it's quite the view!
Other Colors Available:
Rayo, Gran Chavo

$18.00 USD now only $10.80 USD
* this item is not eligible for further discount
* this item is on clearance and won't be restocked.
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