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Raw Studio Exposed Cock-Jock - Red/Black

Raw Studio Exposed Cock-Jock
Raw Studio Exposed Cock-JockRaw Studio Exposed Cock-Jock
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Raw StudioRaw Studio
Raw StudioRaw Studio
Raw Studio Exposed Cock-Jock Raw Studio Exposed Cock-Jock
Raw Studio Exposed Cock-Jock
Color: Red/Black
Product#: 35326
Manufacturer#: CJBR
Material: 92% microfiber, 8% Lycra
Please note: Due to the popularity of these jocks, Raw Studio ran out of the regular waisband elastic. As that elastic is no longer available, Raw Studio is now making the Red Exposed Cock-Jock with a solid black waistband. Everything else is identical.

Our Raw Studio Exposed Collection is here and it's all about gearing up, showing off and getting the exposure you deserve from wearing it. From a jock and cockring hybrid creation to a strapless pouch that's designed for hanging out and swinging free with a few more surprises in between. Even the most conservative items come in a see-through mesh option. Here's the details:

What do you get when Raw Studio combine a jockstrap with a cockring? You get the Raw Studio Exposed Cock-Jock of course! It's part jock, part bulge booster and part display gear. It's a whole lot of fun for you and a feast for the eyes for them.

Here's how it works: An elastic c-ring is suspended from the waistband. You stick your junk out through the ring which lifts it up and pushes it out. Wear it on it's own to showcase what you're packing or wear it under some light-weight shorts or pants to make your bulge more prominent. Narrow bands of shiny patent leather pvc run from the c-ring to the 3/4 inch wide leg straps.

The waistband is 1.5 inches wide with a silver-grey Raw Studio label front and center.
Other Colors Available:

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