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Raw Studio Arcus Suspensor Ball Lifter - Black and white

Raw Studio Arcus Suspensor Ball Lifter
Raw Studio Arcus Suspensor Ball LifterRaw Studio Arcus Suspensor Ball Lifter
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Raw StudioRaw Studio
Raw StudioRaw Studio
Raw Studio Arcus Suspensor Ball Lifter Raw Studio Arcus Suspensor Ball Lifter
Raw Studio Arcus Suspensor Ball Lifter
Color: Black and white
Product#: 35275
Manufacturer#: RS-H03
Material: Elastic Stipe
If you're holding out for a hero, the wait is over. Raw Studio's Hero collection of jockstraps and ball lifters is here. The best way to describe it is gear for sexually deviant superhero full of sexy streamlined jocks and full-frontal bulge-boosting creations. Choosing a model was a no-brainer - who better than our MMA fighter and local superhero Simon Marini with his HULK SMASH tattoo and built like Superman body.

Here's the details of the Raw Studio Arcus Suspensor Ball Lifter:

Definitely the most unique ball lifter Raw Studio has come out with yet! It's a three-quarter inch wide elastic ring suspended from Raw Studio's signature one and a half inch wide comfort waistband by another three-quarter inch elastic strip. But where it really gets interesting is the extra elastic straps that run around your thighs also suspended from the wasitband by more elastic straps running up the side of each leg.

The outline of Arcus is like a boxer brief except you're full-on full frontal and you can't miss the nod to formal sock garters of yesteryear. In back you'll see only the waistband and leg straps with your ass fully exposed.

As with all ball lifters, this is ideal for wearing under light fabric shorts or pants to ensure a better bulge or wear it on it's own as a sexy display suit!

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