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Raw Studio Orange Crush Cock and Ball Ring - Rubber - Grey and Orange

Raw Studio Orange Crush Cock and Ball Ring - Rubber
Raw Studio Orange Crush Cock and Ball Ring - RubberRaw Studio Orange Crush Cock and Ball Ring - Rubber
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Raw StudioRaw Studio
Raw Studio Orange Crush Cock and Ball Ring - Rubber Raw Studio Orange Crush Cock and Ball Ring - Rubber
Raw Studio Orange Crush Cock and Ball Ring - Rubber
Color: Grey and Orange
Product#: 35192
Manufacturer#: RS-CR37
Material: 100% Leather Cowhide
You'll be crushing over the Raw Studio Orange Crush Leather Collection, not only because it's looks so damn good but also because our new fun sized model Milo Miles is modeling it all. It's another very limited edition collection of jockstraps and cock rings in some of most unique leathers out there. And even though the leather is soft like lambs skin it's actually cowhide and tough. As a bonus, the inner layer of the leather feels like suede - which is what you want rubbing up against your family jewels.

Double the fun. It's a soft leather orange cock ring with adjustable snaps with the addition of rubber shaft ring attached via a grey leather strap with a snap fastener. The included rubber shaft ring is 1.5 inches in diameter, but it's easily replaced with your favorite shaft ring thanks to snap fastener on the grey strap.

Every guy needs a cock ring, whether it's to make a statement, ensure an extended rock hard cock or simply to improve the bulge (as many of our models do modeling our jocks) and with this one, you can do all that in style. It's also the perfect accent to any of the Raw Studio Orange Crush Jockstraps.

** These collections are limited edition simply because Raw Studio buys one or two hides of these unique leathers and when it's used up the collection is discontinued.


This refers to sizing the leather part of this cock ring only: To ensure this cock ring fits, use a fabric tape measure to measure yourself around the base of your cock and balls. Worn naturally with all snaps done up, the circumference is 6 inches but with multiple snaps can go as wide as 7 1/2 inches or as small as 5 1/2 inches.

The included shaft ring is one size, however you can easily replace it with a ring of your own thanks to the snap closure on the strap. The included shaft ring has a diameter of 1.5 inches and circumference of 4.7 inches.

Please note: because of the intimate nature WE CAN'T ACCEPT RETURNS OR EXCHANGES ON COCK RINGS.

$26.00 USD
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