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Raw Studio Blue Collar Advanced Ball Stretcher - Blue

Raw Studio Blue Collar Advanced Ball Stretcher
Raw Studio Blue Collar Advanced Ball StretcherRaw Studio Blue Collar Advanced Ball Stretcher
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Raw StudioRaw Studio
Raw Studio Blue Collar Advanced Ball Stretcher Raw Studio Blue Collar Advanced Ball Stretcher
Raw Studio Blue Collar Advanced Ball Stretcher
Color: Blue
Product#: 35187
Manufacturer#: RS-CR33
Material: 100% Leather
Our new collection of limited edition blue leather jockstraps with matching cock rings and ball stretcher - a tribute to all the hard working Blue Collar Workers. The three jocks are unique; one with metal rings, one with a zipper and snap opening and the other a stunning streamlined jock that needs no bells and whistles to look so good.

Of special note, the garment leather is a stunning Air Force blue. And even though it's soft like lambs skin it's actually cow hide and tough as the nails those carpenters use.

The Raw Studio Blue Collar Advanced Ball Stretcher is a 1 1/4 inch wide band of blue leather you wear around the base of your balls for function or pleasure or both.

As far as function goes, the concept is: you wear these ball stretchers around the base of your balls, stretching them away from your body, and if you do it often enough and long enough your balls will stretch and you'll end up with a low hanging set of balls (some guys wear weights around their balls for the same goal). We've seen enough guys into ball stretching that we have to believe it works but we do think it takes dedication. But beyond the stretching, they're also sexy and look great even as a form of body jewellery.

It's also the perfect accent to the Raw Studio Tom Leather Jockstrap, the Raw Studio Dick Leather Zipper Jockstrap and the Raw Studio Harry Leather Jockstrap.

Also check out our Raw Studio Blue Collar Snap Cock Ring and Raw Studio Blue Collar Velcro Cock Ring.

* This is the advanced version. We also have a Raw Studio Beginner Ball Stretcher for guys with less space between the balls and body and those who haven't tried ball stretching before. Unfortunately, Raw Studio didin't make a beginner ball stretcher in this blue leather.

Sizing: This Advanced Ball Stretcher is 1 1/4 inches wide. It's has non-adjustable snaps and has a 4 1/4 inch circumference.

Please note, because of the intimate nature WE CAN'T ACCEPT RETURNS OR EXCHANGES ON COCK RINGS. To ensure they fit, use a fabric tape measure to measure yourself.

$14.00 USD now only $11.90 USD
* this item is not eligible for further discount
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