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Raw Studio Lambs Touch Leather Cock Ring - Red Rocket

Raw Studio Lambs Touch Leather Cock Ring
Raw Studio Lambs Touch Leather Cock RingRaw Studio Lambs Touch Leather Cock Ring
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Raw StudioRaw Studio
Raw Studio Lambs Touch Leather Cock Ring Raw Studio Lambs Touch Leather Cock Ring
Raw Studio Lambs Touch Leather Cock Ring
Color: Red Rocket
Product#: 35154
Manufacturer#: RS-H14
Material: 100% Lambs Touch Leather plus Metal Snaps
Hand Crafted in Toronto, Canada and sold almost exclusively at Jockstrap Central!

We've been holding out for a hero but the wait is over, part two of Raw Studio's Hero Collection is here and boy was it worth it. This time around we've got three stunning jockstrap, armband and cockring combos that are going to blow your superhero mind. Made with a stunning lambs touch leather complete with metallic detailing - the best way to describe it is cosmic sports fetish gear for the club, back room, circuit party or cosplay fetish event.

Raw Studio Red Rocket Cock Ring: This 3/4 inch wide cock ring consists of a band of red lambs touch leather with a single centered metallic sports stripe running throughout. Lambs touch leather is actual cowhide that's softened to simulate lamb hide but with the strength of cow. The stripe is lambs hide covered with silver foil. Three adjustment snaps to ensure a perfect fit.

Every guy needs a cock ring, whether it's to make a statement, ensure an extended rock hard cock or simply to improve the bulge (as many of our models do modeling our jocks) and with this one, you can do all that in style. It's also the perfect accent to the Raw Studio Red Rocket Lamb Touch Leather Jockstrap and Raw Studio Red Rocket Armband.

Sizing: To ensure this cock ring fits, use a fabric tape measure to measure yourself around the base of your cock and balls. Worn naturally with all snaps done up, the circumference is 6 inches but with multiple snaps can go as wide as 7 1/2 inches or as small as 5 1/2 inches.

Be sure to get the matching Raw Studio Red Rocket Jockstrap and Raw Studio Red Rocket Armband for the complete outfit.

Please note: because of the intimate nature WE CAN'T ACCEPT RETURNS OR EXCHANGES ON COCK RINGS.
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