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Raw Studio Tread Leather Cock Ring - Tread

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Raw Studio Tread Leather Cock Ring Detail 1
Raw Studio Tread Leather Cock Ring Detail 2
Raw Studio Tread Leather Cock Ring
Tread - Leather and Rubber
Put it in high gear with Raw Studio's latest collection we're calling Stick Shift, a collection guaranteed to get you from 0 to 90 degrees erect in 10 seconds flat. Consisting of a ball lifting cock sling, some duo rubber ring cock rings and some seriously stylin' cock rings.

The Raw Studio Tread Cock Ring is made with leather and rubber, the band is leather with a strip of textured rubber much like a tire tread - hence the name.
Every guy needs a cock ring, whether it's to ensure an extended rock hard cock or simply to improve the bulge (as many of our models do modeling our jocks) and with this one, you can do all that in style.

This cock ring is a 3/4 inch wide stitched leather strap with metal snaps to adjust sizing (see below for sizing).

Sizing: Worn naturally with all snaps done up, the circumference is 6 inches but with multiple snaps can go as wide as 7 1/2 inches or as small as 5 1/2 inches.

Please note, because of the intimate nature WE CAN'T ACCEPT RETURNS OR EXCHANGES ON COCK RINGS. To ensure they fit, use a fabric tape measure to measure yourself.
16.00 USD
color: Grey
price: $58.00 USD

color: White and Yellow
price: $20.00 USD

color: Fixed
price: $14.00 USD

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