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Raw Studio Grand Slam Ball Lifter - Grand Slam Ball Lifter

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Raw Studio Grand Slam Ball Lifter Detail 1
Raw Studio Grand Slam Ball Lifter Detail 2
Raw Studio Grand Slam Ball Lifter
Grand Slam Ball Lifter - 100% Cotton Elastic
Gear up then it's Game On! It's the second inning of Raw Studio's Game On Collection with all new jockstraps and ball lifters and this time around, the sports inspiration is undeniable: With waistbands channeling sports jocks of yesteryear with micro sports striping running around the band. Here are the details:

With the Gram Slam Ball LIfter, the concept is simple but the look is hot and the effect is awesome. It's a loop of of Raw Studio's super-soft Game On cotton elastic that's suspended from a black one and a half inch wide waistband - also made with the cotton elastic. The loop runs down around your balls to lift your package and push it out. It may be simple but it looks great and feels awesome.

The waistband elastic is black and is super-soft and relaxed to help prevent the muffin-top look that many elastic waistbands cause.

As with all ball lifters, this is ideal for wearing under light fabric shorts or pants to ensure a great bulge or wear it on it's own for a hot display suit!

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14.00 USD
color: Yellow
price: $15.00 $12.00 USD

color: Ring Jock
price: $23.95 USD

color: Blue Steel
price: $24.00 USD

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