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Raw Studio Cock Sling Ball Lifter - Blue

Raw Studio Cock Sling Ball Lifter
Raw Studio Cock Sling Ball LifterRaw Studio Cock Sling Ball Lifter
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Raw StudioRaw Studio
Raw StudioRaw Studio
Raw Studio Cock Sling Ball Lifter Raw Studio Cock Sling Ball Lifter
Raw Studio Cock Sling Ball Lifter
Color: Blue
Product#: 35060
Manufacturer#: RS-CS1
Material: 90% Polyester 10% Lycra and PU Coating
What does Raw Studio do after the huge success of their last over the top collection? They expand on it. Introducing, Raw Studio Flaunt It - The Sequel, consisting of this Cock Sling Ball Lifter, the Force 2 Bulge Booster, the Cock Sling Ball Lifter and the seriously hot Piggy Cock Rings. Here's the details:

The Cock Sling Ball-lifter is the evolution of Raw Studio's original ball-lifter designs with a dual purpose of not only lifting up and pushing out your dick and balls ensuring you've got a bulge that shows when wearing shorts of light fabric pants but also as some awesome looking gear that showcases (with style) everything you've got.

The front is made with a pvc leatherette fabric with an ultra-soft backing ensuring comfort. It's contoured with a semi-circle cutout that edged in either blue, red or yellow to highlight your kit. One inch black elastic runs down each side of the pouch then runs under your balls finishing off the circle lifting your junk up and out.

Finally a swimmer style half inch wide waistband finishes off the design. There's no leg straps to hold your boys down so you ride high plus it gives you a very sexy streamlined rear view.

Perfect for bulging perfection under clothes or simply to show off.
Other Colors Available:

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