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Raw Studio Military Jock Brief - Military Jock Brief

Raw Studio Military Jock Brief
Raw Studio Military Jock BriefRaw Studio Military Jock Brief
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Raw StudioRaw Studio
Raw StudioRaw Studio
Raw Studio Military Jock Brief Raw Studio Military Jock Brief
Raw Studio Military Jock Brief
Color: Military Jock Brief
Product#: 35038
Manufacturer#: RS-MIL8
Material: 58% Polyester 42% Polyamide
Exclusive to Jockstrap Central!

Part of Raw Studio's new Military Collection. It's a collection of military inspired fetish wear featuring their signature army-green leather-look pvc fabric . As with all Raw Studio, this is hand-crafted in Canada with exceptional quality and meticulous attention to detail.

The Military Jock is certainly the most elaborate with a brief style front in the distressed leather-look fabric with a textured metallic olive-gold stripe down the front with a military style star insignia on the right. Even better is the fabric is has an ultra-soft backing which feels great against your junk.

What is most ingenious: This jock brief doesn't have a traditional waistband. The front is entirely the pvc contoured pouch. The pvc continues around to the back, eventually becoming the upper part of the leg straps. A 1.5 inch wide back elastic wasitband strap joins the gap and two more 3/4 inch leg straps join the pvc to continue the leg straps. This not only looks incredible but ensures the perfect fit.

It's hard to describe but just check out our detailed photo to truly appreciate this creative design.

Perfect for your next fetish event, military ball, club night, go-go boy gig or pride parade.
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