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CellBlock 13 X-treme Hybrid Socks - Red/Black/Grey

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CellBlock 13 X-treme Hybrid Socks Detail 1
CellBlock 13 X-treme Hybrid Socks Detail 2
CellBlock 13 X-treme Hybrid Socks
Red/Black/Grey - 80%Cotton 17% Polyester 3% Spandex
Although technically part of the Cellblock 13 X-treme Hybrid Collection of jockstraps, jock briefs, fetish shorts and harnesses (with crazy built in cock-rings and snap-off pouches), we think the X-treme Hybrid Socks are as good or even better paired with our new Cellblock 13 Octane Jock Trunks and Cellblock 13 Octane Fetish Shorts we just launched (and as can be see in our photos).

Here's the details:

In our opinion, these are the perfect length for a fetish sock, not too high but high enough to show over your combat boots ending just below the knee. They're super-comfy with lots of features.

With Cellblock 13 included on top of each foot and interestingly, CB on the back of one sock and 13 on the back of the other.

Featured include:

  • Cushioned foot bed and ankle for impact protection

  • Mesh venting ensures maximum breathability

  • Deep heel cup keeps the sock in place with every explosive stride

  • They just look awesome.

16.00 USD
color: Blue
price: $29.00 $24.65 USD

color: Black and Blue
price: $12.00 USD

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