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CellBlock 13 Tight End Jockstrap - Orange

CellBlock 13 Tight End Jockstrap
CellBlock 13 Tight End JockstrapCellBlock 13 Tight End Jockstrap
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CellBlock 13CellBlock 13
CellBlock 13CellBlock 13
CellBlock 13 Tight End Jockstrap CellBlock 13 Tight End Jockstrap
CellBlock 13 Tight End Jockstrap
Color: Orange
Product#: 33244
Manufacturer#: CBU133
Material: 67% Nylon 20% Cotton 13% Spandex
This item has been discontinued!

Cellblock 13 is back with an all new and improved modern day sports jock appropriately called Tight End for all the right reasons. It's inspired by the classic sports jocks of yesteryear with a respectful nod to the Bike #10 in traditional black, white, blue, gold and red but also army-green, navy-blue, grey, hot-pink, lime-green, purple and our favorite... orange! And now available in burgundy and robin's egg blue!

Following in the footsteps (and success) of Cellblock 13's Locker Jock and Full Back Jocks (both discontinued), this new jockstrap has everything you want in a sports jock and more. With a tough and masculine 3 inch wide waistband complete with traditional micro sports striping and as expected, a woven mesh pouch - and this one is softer than previous versions.

Like all good sports jocks the pouch is woven to ensure air circulation and to wick moisture and because this one's made of a nylon, cotton and spandex blend, it's a bit softer to the touch than its predecessors. It's also slightly contoured to ensure a better fit and sturdy enough to keep things in place during a rigorous workout.

As mentioned, the ultra-masculine full 3 Inch wide waistband is built tough with classic sport jock pinstripes running horizontally through the elastic. Respecting it's roots, the white rectangular care label is on the outside front and center with the make-a-statement Cellblock 13 logo, the size and care instructions displayed for all to see.

Finally, solid one inch elastic leg straps not only frame your ass but ensure everything stays in place.

Don't be misled by the name - whether you're a fullback, quarterback or lineback this jock will make you happy but if you're a tight end then you'll have your teammates lining up for a chance at your end zone.
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