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CellBlock 13 Viper II Street Legal Thong - Burgundy

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CellBlock 13 Viper II Street Legal Thong
Color: Burgundy
Product#: 33225
Manufacturer#: CBU136
Material: 95% Cotton, 5% Spandex
Cellblock 13 is back with Viper II. It's a revamp of one of their best selling collections from a few years ago, this time with not only a jockstrap but for the first time for CB13... a thong! This time around the color choices are a little more grown up and fetish oriented but the style, comfort and fit remain as good as ever. Here's the details:

You may not expect a thong here on Jockstrap Central but think about it: Where a jockstrap's sexiest feature is the back with straps that expose and perfectly frame your ass, the thong is equally as sexy with it's strip of fabric that runs from the waistband down and disappears into the deep crevice of your ass cheeks - which is in itself pretty freakin' sexy but even better is with the center straps rubbing up against your hole, every move is a thrill. So a thong at Jockstrap Central isn't too much of a stretch.

The Celllblock 13 Viper II Thong is a triple mix of sports meets fetish meets fashion that will turn heads (which is the point, isn't it?). The Viper Thong looks great front and back but it isn't just about making a statement - sure the fetish forward colors and the bold contrasting stripe down the center will keep all eyes focused on the the prize but style aside, you (and your boys) will love the fit - it's got a contoured soft cotton pouch with a hint of spandex for total comfort and shape retention.

With a full 2 inch plushed waistband with a repeating make-a-statement Cellblock 13 logo and as mentioned, in the back is a piece of fabric that starts out at the waistband, narrows while disappearing between your ass cheeks where it eventually meets up with the base of the front pouch.

Pouch color: burgundy with black and grey detailing
Other Colors Available:
Black, Blue, Army-green

$25.00 USD now only $16.25 USD
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