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CellBlock 13 Ward13 Slingback Jock Brief - Army-Green

CellBlock 13 Ward13 Slingback Jock Brief
CellBlock 13 Ward13 Slingback Jock BriefCellBlock 13 Ward13 Slingback Jock Brief
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CellBlock 13CellBlock 13
CellBlock 13CellBlock 13
CellBlock 13 Ward13 Slingback Jock Brief CellBlock 13 Ward13 Slingback Jock Brief
CellBlock 13 Ward13 Slingback Jock Brief
Color: Army-Green
Product#: 33137
Manufacturer#: CBU107
Material: Cotton, Polymide,Spandex
When you gear up in Cellblock 13 latest Ward13 jockstraps and jock briefs, then we may as well just call you jail bait. With a pouch that showcases everything you've got up front and those legs straps framing your cute bubble butt ass, how could those horny inmates resist.

The Ward13 Slingback Jock brief is one of the hottest looking and most comfortable jock briefs out there. It's got a a narrow one inch wide waistband and what looks to be a woven pouch like you'd find in a spots jock but the pouch is actually a solid fabric made out of a unique, stretchy and super-soft polyamide (a special polyester) and spandex fabric with a light ribbing. It is also part of CB13 Ward13 Seamless Collection and the result is a pouch that cradles your package, caressing and showing off every part of your bulge and treating it the way it deserves to be treated. Black stretchy panels start at the sides of the pouch, narrow and end up in the back to become the leg straps. It's visually stunning.

The waistband, as mentioned is one inch wide and made with Cellblock 13's heavy duty comfort elastic in grey and black horizontal strpe with repeating Cellblock 13 woven into the band. And in case you don't know about Cellblock 13's incredible attention to detail, they've cut the elastic so the repeating logos are always centered up front and in back and never cut off (like most similar waistbands from other designers). Finishing off the waistband is an embroidered patch incorporated the Cellblock 13 logo and the words "WARD13 REGULATION GEAR". In the back, find sturdy yet comfortable black elastic leg straps.

With Ward 13, Cellblock 13 proves once again that they are at the top of their game when it comes to designing masculine and iconic sports and fetish inspired gear.
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