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CellBlock 13 Sonic Neoprene Pouch Jockstrap - Blue

CellBlock 13 Sonic Neoprene Pouch Jockstrap
CellBlock 13 Sonic Neoprene Pouch JockstrapCellBlock 13 Sonic Neoprene Pouch Jockstrap
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CellBlock 13CellBlock 13
CellBlock 13CellBlock 13
CellBlock 13 Sonic Neoprene Pouch Jockstrap CellBlock 13 Sonic Neoprene Pouch Jockstrap
CellBlock 13 Sonic Neoprene Pouch Jockstrap
Color: Blue
Product#: 33122
Manufacturer#: CBU101
Material: 100% Neoprene
Gear up at the speed of sound with the Cellblock 13 Sonic Collection, quite possibly the hottest and most visually stunning fetish gear we've seen (and we've seen a LOT!). The unique ribbed neoprene rubber (more on that below) is so slick and edgy we're calling it future fetish wear. The Sonic collection consists of this pouch/jockstrap, a harness and matching wrist cuffs, all in the above mentioned neoprene in black with contrasting detailing in all your favorite fetish colors.

Each piece (jock, harness or cuff) is sold individually.

Here's the details:

This formed 3D contoured pouch is made with a stunning ribbed black neoprene on the outside with a soft foamed inside for comfort (your junk will love you for it!) Between the ribbing and contouring you'll always be bulging to perfection like a cod piece effect. Contrasting piping in blue not only adds a visual punch but end up highlighting and drawing all eyes to your bulge.

Defying gravity: Although this "jock" has leg straps, there's no waistband to keep it all secure but don't worry, just attach a harness to keep it from falling down around your ankles (unless of course that's what you want). The straps are one inch wide and made of a heavy duty elastic in black with repeating Cellblock 13 woven into it in blue. Both straps are split by two black metal rings which not only look good but provide a place to hook up the harnesses' swivel snap hooks.


Each Sonic item is sold separately and although the pouch technically can't be worn on it's own, it will work with the Sonic Harness or most other Cellblock 13 harnesses including the Cellblock 13 Xtreme Hybrid Harness from our previous Cellblock 13 Collection.

This webpage is to purchase the Sonic Pouch Only
Other Colors Available:

$34.00 USD
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color: Yellow
$31.00 $23.25 USD
color: Navy-blue
$25.00 $12.50 USD
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