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CellBlock 13 Swat Tight End Jock Pant - Grey and Black

CellBlock 13 Swat Tight End Jock Pant
CellBlock 13 Swat Tight End Jock PantCellBlock 13 Swat Tight End Jock Pant
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CellBlock 13CellBlock 13
CellBlock 13CellBlock 13
CellBlock 13 Swat Tight End Jock Pant CellBlock 13 Swat Tight End Jock Pant
CellBlock 13 Swat Tight End Jock Pant
Color: Grey and Black
Product#: 33101
Manufacturer#: CBW015
Material: 80% Nylon 20% Spandex
**Product Line discontinued by the manufacturer, if you don't see your size available we don't have it and it wont be back, sorry.

Extrovert, exhibitionist, show off, attention-getter, tease. If any of those words describe you, you're going to love Cellblock 13's Swat Tight End Jock Pant.

The best we can describe it is a compression pant meets jockstrap made with alternating panels that are visually stunning. The first fabric is a durable and extra silky soft grey nylon and spandex fabric which forms the pouch and side panels, the other is a textured yet also soft black nylon and spandex. The stretch of the grey fabric, the contoured design and the neighboring black panels all show off and emphasize the bulge to perfection. If that weren't enough, Cellblock 13 uses contrasting white interlock stitching at the sides as a extra design element.

We mentioned a jockstrap, well that comes into play in the rear of the pant - essentially, the ass has been cut out of it and edged in grey for support and visual interest and is basically letting everyone know you're open for business.

Finally, the waistband: It's a two inch sturdy but comfort plush waistband with Cellblock 13 logo and racing stripes woven right into the design in white, black and a hint of red in the number 13.

These pants are purposely cut short with a 28 inch inseam. They're not meant to reach the ground (or your shoe.)

Wear them to the gym (if you dare,) to a club or probably the most obvious - on a play date.

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$44.00 USD
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