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CellBlock 13 Commando Slingback Jockstrap - Blue

CellBlock 13 Commando Slingback Jockstrap
CellBlock 13 Commando Slingback JockstrapCellBlock 13 Commando Slingback Jockstrap
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CellBlock 13CellBlock 13
CellBlock 13CellBlock 13
CellBlock 13 Commando Slingback Jockstrap CellBlock 13 Commando Slingback Jockstrap
CellBlock 13 Commando Slingback Jockstrap
Color: Blue
Product#: 33078
Manufacturer#: CBU065
Material: 96% Polyester 4% Spandex
Cellblock 13 has headed back to the trenches with their all new Commando Jockstrap and Commando Slingback Jockstrap (Jock Brief) and they did it with all guns blazing taking the always masculine camouflage motif and adding that hit of style we all expect from CB13 sending this new gear over the top.

The fabric is made with a polyester and spandex blend that's durable yet incredibly soft to the touch with just the right about of stretch. The stretch and the contoured design ensure you always bulge to perfection. The camouflage is traditional in army green, black, desert sand and brown. Where the style kicks in is in the details: the contrasting quarter inch royal-blue piping and the signature two inch wide Cellblock 13 waistband we all love in a matching color scheme. In this case, royal-blue and black stripes with white Cellblock 13 logo front and center. Also awesome is the treatment of the straps, the brief-like front fabric narrows as it heads around back where it finally meets the royal-blue one inch wide leg straps. It's a stunning bit of design which also provides some butt lifting action.

Sure it's camo, but don't think you're going to blend in; head back to the barracks, drop your fatigues and all eyes will be on the prize with Cellblock 13's latest creation.
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